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Congratulations on purchasing a high-quality natural fibre or woven vinyl Rebtex floor covering! As with any floor covering, you'll need to perform some regular maintenace.

Daily vacuuming is required to maintain your carpets. A thorough cleaning with a dry powder is recommended every 6 months. Follow the product instructions, sprinkle the dry powder of a reputable brand on the carpet, leave for a while and vacuum.

The rubber backing is a natural latex that will crumble in time. A rug, if not fitted with a supporting underfelt should be lifted and swept out regularly.
As with all spills speed in terms of blotting the spill is very important! Here are a few tips that will help with saving your rug:
  • Dab the spill and dry with paper towelling as quickly as possible
  • Remove solid substances using a knife or spoon, working from the outside towards the centre of the spill, always observe the fibre direction
  • Do not drench the carpet or on one spot
  • Apply the cleaning solution (see the guide below)
  • After cleaning cover the wet spots with a good absorbent cloth or tissue
  • Place a heavy object on the covered spot
  • Do not walk on the treated area until it is completely dry

Cleaning guide
The following list is provided to assist you in the event of a spill:

Alcohol20% shampoo + 5% vinegar & 75% water
BeerShampoo + vinegar and lukewarm water
BloodOld stains: shampoo with 5% ammonia, and then dab with vinegar (do not use warm water)
New stains: Cold water and salt
ButterA hot iron (below 100 degrees C on a cloth, clean with shampoo + vinegar + water
Carpet glueRemove immediately using acetone or alcohol
Chewing gumTreat with special stain remover, cover with ice until set hard - crumble and scrape off the residue using a spoon, observing the fibre direction
ChocolateTepid water + 5% ammonia
Coffee / teaWater + shampoo + 10% ammonia
ColaShampoo + vinegar + water
EggShampoo + cold water + vinegar or 5% ammonia
Grease / grassDab with paper towelling, apply shampoo + vinegar
Ball pointWater
Jam / HoneyLukewarm water and cloth
LacquerDab with white spirit - do not rub
Latex paintDo not let stain dry - water + shampoo
LipstickWater + shampoo - alcohol if necessary
MouldWater + 5% ammonia
MudDry and scrape off and vacuum - if a still stain exists apply 1 big spoon ammonia / l water
Nail polishUse acetone and rinse with water
Oil paintDab with white spirit - do not rub
Red wineImmediately dab - vinegar and white wine can be used
Sauce / oilDry carpet powder - water and alcohol